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June 4, 2024
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Team Hands Up: Meet Wayne

We have some incredible, talented people working for us who are experts in their field (no pun intended!). Here’s our latest team profile on Wayne Wang, our Management Accountant.

Introducing Wayne Wang, Field Orthopaedics Management Accountant

Wayne’s introduction to the medical device industry started when he joined Field Orthopaedics in 2022.

After having worked in the IT service industry for many years, Wayne’s extensive experience as a service team consultant, account manager and inventory management specialist has been invaluable to the Field team.

Wayne says that within his role, “I get to collaborate with different departments - ensuring that I am always across the finances of the business.”

“My manager has really guided me and provided me with the skills to improve my financial modelling capabilities. It has enabled me to be part of financial forecasting for the company and manage our cash flow efficiently.”

One of the main projects Wayne has been a part of includes centralising reporting for the business - “this is important as it provides a comprehensive overview of the business performance and strategic goals moving forward,” Wayne says.

For others wanting to dip their toes in the medical device industry, Wayne says “It's such an interesting industry. You are doing your job but you are also helping provide a solution in the market that will impact others.”

“You get to share your success with others - and the patients and surgeons that Field positively impact each day.”

Wayne’s time with Field Orthopaedics has been monumental in helping the way we report, understand data, and move forward strategically with our business goals.

Thanks for sharing your Field story Wayne Wang — we can’t wait to see where you’re career at Field takes you!

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