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Welcome to Field Orthopaedics

We are a growing team of industry experts, engineers, scientists, and surgeons who are dedicated to identifying and delivering innovative solutions for treatment of hand injuries. 

The hand is a complex structure of bones and soft tissue which facilitate movement and dexterity to manipulate objects. Any trauma to these structures can compromise function. Hand surgery is one of the last disciplines to emerge as its own specialty and innovation in this space has been somewhat limited up to this point. 

Surgeons are looking for minimally invasive, fast, simple, and reproducible solutions which return patients to function as soon as possible. With a sole focus in this area, we lead product innovation in complex hand fracture, arthritis, and microsurgery. Based in Brisbane, Australia our products are distributed globally by our distribution partners Medartis. 


Our team of surgeons, industry experts, engineers and scientists are dedicated to solving clinical problems in hand extremity trauma care with innovative solutions. With the Micro Screw and NX Nail systems, we provide a comprehensive solution for fracture management in the hand and wrist.

With an anatomically inspired taper head, non-threaded shaft and high precision cutting flutes, the NX Nail is a second-generation extremity nail designed to be strong, simple to use and provide advantages over many traditional alternatives. With over 60 implants to choose from, the NX Nail system offers a comprehensive size range to treat a variety of patients and get them moving again.

The fully cannulated Micro Screw system is designed to address the challenges of treating small fractures in the hand and wrist. With increased implant strength at a smaller scale and cannulated precision, surgeons can accurately reduce fragments with small diameter k-wires while maintaining positions for single shot insertion of a definitive implant that generates adequate compression to facilitate healing.

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