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February 21, 2024
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Team Hands Up: Meet Jarred

Jarred Bairstow Field Orthopaedics

Here's our latest update meeting another of the Field Orthopaedics engineering team. 

Introducing Jarred Bairstow, Field Orthopaedics Medical Engineer

At Field Orthopaedics, we're proud to showcase the remarkable individuals who contribute to our innovative projects.

This month we’re introducing Jarred, a seasoned medical engineer with a unique twist – he's not only a technical expert but also a current professional basketball player and lives in Tasmania, Australia.

Over the past six years, Jarred has played an instrumental role in our team, bringing a mix of skills, passion, and a diverse background.

Jarred's journey with Field Orthopaedics began during his final year of university at QUT. Starting as an intern, he seamlessly transitioned into a full-time role after being captivated by the company's commitment to innovation. Taking a hiatus to pursue a career in professional basketball, Jarred found his perfect fit at Field Orthopaedics.

"What I love about working at Field Orthopaedics is the constant stream of new challenges and projects that directly benefit patients".

He said that it's the flexibility in hours at work that has enabled him to pursue challenges both in the medical field and on the basketball court.

"I enjoy the ability to genuinely innovate and work closely with surgeons. The smaller company environment here at Field Orthopaedics provides a unique advantage in bringing new ideas to life."

In his role, Jarred highlighted the importance of understanding regulatory requirements and collaborating closely with surgeons to deliver user-friendly products. His advice to aspiring individuals in the MedTech sector is to "embrace trial and error in early design development, be diligent with regulatory documents, and find satisfaction in the iterative process of product development."

Jarred has seen significant growth over the past six years. "The team's clear direction, streamlined communication and culture create an environment where everyone feels part of a team working towards a common goal.”

Beyond being a medical engineer, Jarred leads a fulfilling life and is a proud owner of two dogs, Callie and Leeroy. He also enjoys tending to his backyard vegetable garden and woodworking, showcasing his passion for hands-on activities beyond the professional realm.

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