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January 9, 2024
4 min read time

Team Hands Up: Meet Brad

Brad Nicholls Field Orthopaedics

Keen to meet some of the Field Orthopaedics team? We have some incredible, talented people working for us who are experts in their field (no pun intended!). 

Introducing Brad Nicholls, Field Orthopaedics Project Engineer

In our first Team Hands Up, we meet Bradley Nicholls - our Project Engineer for Medical Devices.

Brad has been with Field Orthopaedics for just shy of two years. As a qualified Mechanical Engineer, his transition into the medical field was a challenge that he eagerly met.

Day-to-day Brad juggles a lot of moving parts in our business - including project management, addressing clinical needs and ensuring the entire design and development process is on track. He works closely with our regulatory and compliance teams to ensure Field’s innovations are ready for the market. 

During his time at Field,  Brad has loved that he “gets a chance to be a lot more involved in the full life cycle of designing a product. That is a benefit of working in a smaller organisation.” 

This led to being part of the Sterile NX Nail project team - one of his most notable achievements. Brad helped manage the sterile product release from design to it now being used in hand surgery clinics in the US. 

Being part of this global project gave him a sense of internal pride in helping to “provide another high-quality product for patients who experience hand trauma and require emergency surgery.” 

When asked what advice he would give to someone looking to progress in the medical device sector he said, “find a company that will give you a chance, with a good attitude and transferrable problem-solving skills you get to grow and are exposed to a lot more.”

“Field Orthopaedics is devoted to hands and I appreciate the focussed approach. They offer the best hand solutions in the market and my role allows me to contribute to the visions. It's a great internal motivator!”

Brad’s time at Field Orthopaedics has been defined by his dedication to innovation, his ability to navigate complex projects, and his commitment to ensuring that every product reflects the height of quality and efficacy.

Thanks for sharing your Field story Brad—you are a driving force behind all that we do!

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