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April 13, 2024
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Team Hands Up: Meet Carly

Meet Carly, the latest addition to our team and our new Director of Global Marketing.

Introducing Carly Rankin, Field Orthopaedics Director of Global Marketing

Carly is the newest face of Field Orthopaedics and joined us earlier this year as our Global Director of Marketing.

With qualifications in Psychology and Occupational Therapy, Carly is highly specialised in upper limb rehabilitation and spent several years as a research clinician.

After working alongside various surgeons and allied health professionals, Carly’s key focus was to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

From there, she took her clinical expertise into the medical device industry, working for Medartis Australia - leading technical and procedural support initiatives in the OR and medical education environments.

“I have always loved the medical device industry because it combines physical care and science, whilst providing holistic outcomes for patients and their needs.”

In her role at Field, Carly works with all arms of our business - collaborating with different teams on various projects and ensuring they always have the end user - patients - front of mind.

She is focused on all three of our core products - the original NX Nail, Micro Screw and the newly released Sterile NX Nail (available only in the US).

In previous roles, Carly said, “I hadn’t been exposed to the engineering side of operations - so being a part of that at Field has been really interesting, and they are a very insightful department to be collaborating with.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone looking to progress in the medical device sector - “it’s important to accept opportunities to further develop your skills and knowledge and to gain as many different perspectives as you can.”

"With so many stakeholders in this industry, it’s important to have a really comprehensive understanding of the clinical landscape, which can then be individualised based on user needs. ”

We look forward to seeing Carly thrive in her role as a key part of our leadership team and live out Field's vision to lead in the design and delivery of innovative solutions in orthopaedic surgery.

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