The NX Nail System

Over 45 options from 2.0 to 5.0mm in diameter, providing the most comprehensive range of extremity nails. The NX nail is accompanied by an ergonomic instrument set to improve usability and operative efficiencies. 

Designed from CT data, the nail has the largest head to shaft ratio, providing 140% more fixation of the metacarpal head. Spiralling flutes and full length cutting decreases insertion torque and compression to maintain length and fragment control.

The  NX Nail is designed for better outcomes:

  • Its spiral fluted shaft with dual thread design creates ultra-low insertion torque
  • Its neutral compression profile minimises shortening 
  • It decreases soft tissue stripping, compared to traditional surgical techniques


Shown to be 2-3x operationally faster with a bending stiffness 5-7x that of metacarpal plates, the NX nail is the perfect solution for athletes and manual workers. 

The market’s first titanium nail for improved biological performance

Our NX nail design is based on AO principles of shaft trauma.

  1. Maintain length
  2. Restore version
  3. Control angulation
  • An all-premium, high-yield titanium system, coated to improve osseointegration with bone
  • Type 2 annodised to improve fatigue strength


Decreased soft tissue disruption for quicker return to function for patients. 


Designed to maintain a neutral compression with a continuous thread



Creates rigid fixation and stable control of distal fragments