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February 12, 2024
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First US patient case for Sterile NX Nail a success


Brisbane-based medtech firm Field Orthopaedics has celebrated the first patient case using its new Sterile NX Nail system in the US this week.
The NX Nail, a second-generation nail designed to treat hand fractures, was first introduced to the US market in 2021. The new sterile single-use implant is now available in partnership with Medartis US, helping to reduce the time and costs associated with orthopaedic hand surgeries.
Field Orthopaedics CEO Patryk Kania said this sterile offering was a year in the making and is an exciting step for business expansion in the US market.
“Orthopaedic surgical techniques are constantly evolving and our team is passionate about staying ahead of the game by offering innovative solutions that meet both surgeon and patient needs,” Kania said.
“Sterile, ready-for-surgery, single-use instrumentation is one way surgical teams can streamline the entire perioperative process and we’re excited to play a part in facilitating that.”
It is well known that rising health expenditure and resource constraints are growing in hospitals across the US. Care providers are constantly looking for new ways to manage the complexities, costs and environmental burden associated with orthopaedic procedures.1,2
“Our key drivers are to support Ambulatory Surgery Centers’ needs to improve process reliability and predictability and drive down time and cost in trauma scenarios1,” Kania said.
“Sterile products help address limited facility footprint, instrument and device inventories, staffing issues and compliance failures."
“Health systems and hospitals will benefit from this next iteration of the NX Nail as we’re able to solve bottlenecks where ASCs are constantly having to review their sterile processing, department structures and sites.”
The release of the Sterile NX Nail was officially cleared for distribution in the United States of America by the Food and Drug Administration early last year.
Founded in 2015, Field Orthopaedics is based in Brisbane, Australia and includes a team of surgeons, engineers, scientists, and industry experts designing and delivering innovative hand solutions for patients around the globe.
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Medartis Inc. is the official distributor of Field Orthopaedics products in the USA. For detailed information please reach out to your local Medartis Sales Representative.

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