Science Business Inspiration Series was back with Chris Jeffery, CEO RER Labs


Queensland Young Business Person of the year for 2017, Chris Jeffery, spoke yesterday to over 50 attendees at Science Business Inspiration Series – Clinicians Into Business.


Chris Jeffery’s career has been more than diverse, a former engineer, army officer and doctor he now combines his experience in orthopaedics and robotics to create a host of innovative medical products and technologies.


Here’s a wrap-up from one of the SBIS committee member

Bena Cartmill (PhD):


Yesterday, Dr Chris Jeffrey presented a captivating account of his journey at the Science Business Inspiration Series: Clinicians into Business. Chris is an electrical engineer, Australian Army captain who toured in Afganistan and Iraq, a doctor training in orthopedics, and now the CEO, director and innovator of a number of businesses – namely Field Orthopedics and Audeara. Field Orthopedics is a medical device company creating surgical devices to optimise the function of patients through collaboration with clinicians. Audeara creates high quality headphones, that perform a hearing test on the user, and then personalises the sound delivery according to that person’s hearing profile.


Chris described a series of driving “fortunate mistakes” which propelled him from one opportunity to another, gaining skills and momentum to continually ask questions and find the solutions. The take home inspiration from this session was felt by the entire audience – “if I don’t feel excited, energised and engaged in what I am doing, then it’s not right for me”, and “communication is the key: learn how to articulate the problem, what your solution is, and why it matters in under 60 seconds”. Thanks Chris for your inspiration!



Dr Chris Jeffery with SBIS Committee members (L-R) John Hooper, Ben Cartmill and Gabriel Cuellar Partida





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