New CTO Appointed to Manage Growth at Field Orthopaedics

Experienced Biomedical Engineer Kelly Coverdale has joined Brisbane-based, innovative medical device development company Field Orthopaedics as Chief Technical Officer, to guide the growth and efficiency of the AUD$100 million plus-valued business.


With extensive medical engineering industry practice incorporating medical device product development, and asset and maintenance management of medical devices and systems, Ms Coverdale’s key areas of expertise include design control, risk management and medical device regulation.


Her previous roles include R&D Engineer and Team Leader at Cook Medical and Biomedical Engineer/Manager of Biomedical Engineering at Greenslopes Private Hospital.


Ms Coverdale is excited by Field Orthopaedics’ foundation for success.

“The focus on innovation through collaboration at Field Orthopaedics rather than a specific product sets it apart from many young companies,” said Ms Coverdale.


“The founders and employees are intelligent, passionate professionals dedicated to realising solutions for surgeons and patients in orthopaedics. My role will be to enable the technical team to deliver high quality solutions efficiently, which will directly contribute to the company’s ongoing growth.”


Field Orthopaedics currently has 11 products in the market or in development, and Ms Coverdale is looking forward to steering these to commercialisation with the team of highly talented biomedical engineers that the business is nurturing as part of its growth.


“As CTO of Field Orthopaedics, I am committed to the growth of the medical technology industry in Queensland and to fostering opportunities for graduates. Australia produces an astounding number of biomedical engineering graduates despite the small industry to support their transition to professional practice and the potential is incredible.”


Ms Coverdale also noted that employing a female CTO sets Field Orthopaedics apart from many other organisations.


“Field Orthopaedics is passionate about the promotion of Women in STEM. Under CEO Dr Chris Jeffery it has a very gender-balanced workplace where talent is identified from various internships and professional arenas and then given great opportunity to thrive across the range of projects in development.


“I’m personally driven to challenge myself to achieve a high standard outside familiar territory. I come from a long line of farmers, and my Grandfather once commented, “If you were born a boy, you could have taken over the farm,” to which I replied, “thankfully I was brave enough to challenge tradition to become an engineer.” He thought about this, raised his head, smiled and nodded. His pride, despite his generational thinking, demonstrated to me the power of this approach.”


Ms Coverdale Chairs the QUT Engineering Course Advisory Group, is a Career Mentor for QUT Medical Engineering Students and a great supporter of the QUT Medical Engineering program. She was the recipient of the 2012 EA Women in Biomedical Engineering Scholarship and was awarded a High Commendation for the 2010 Young Professional Engineer of the Year by the EA QLD Division.


“The STEM professions have been attracting growing numbers of women for several generations and I am thrilled to be leading a diverse, creative team at Field Orthopaedics that is changing the dynamic of the medical device development industry.”


MEDIA CONTACT: Nicole Fisher 0419 661 085



About Field Orthopaedics

Field Orthopaedics (FO) is a rapidly growing Australian Orthopaedic devices company that focuses on the design and manufacturing of orthopaedic devices to address the shortcomings in the trauma, extremities and biological markets. With their team of surgeons, engineers and researchers, FO has created a range of orthopaedic devices that provide evidence-based solutions for longstanding concerns in extremity surgery.


Currently, the company has several projects in their portfolio, one of which has US FDA approval and three of which are in active development expected to gain regulatory approval within the next three years. Formed to bring back innovation to medicine, FO creates products that address under-serviced markets and that realise solutions to problems impacting patient care and outcomes. FO was created from within the medical community, with the founders forming a significant collaboration with surgeons and physicians to identify their greatest industry problems and work alongside them to create innovative solutions.

FO is passionate about innovation and utilises profits to support ongoing orthopaedic research. The team believes that collaboration is the key to innovative design and is proud to develop and manufacture products that not only make sales, but also make a positive difference by empowering users and greatly improve outcomes.

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