Announcement of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Partner


  • Following on from our US release of the Micro Screw System, Field Orthopaedics is expanding its market presence in to EMEA.

  • This new partnership with the Ortho Consulting Group will allow Field Orthopaedics to provide this first in world product to hand surgeons throughout EMEA.

  • Field Orthopaedics is excited about the rapid adoption seen in this region and is pleased to form this strong partnership with the Ortho Consulting Group who have shown themselves to have extensive expertise and to be highly regarded throughout the EMEA region.


15th October, 2018


Field Orthopaedics is pleased and humbled to announce it’s partnership in EMEA with the Ortho Consulting Group (OCG). With a strong brand alignment, a mutual understanding of the importance of innovation and a passion to put patients first we are excited to see the impact of this relationship. After first meeting in early 2018, powered by mutual excitement the commercial progress of this venture has been impressive. Field Orthopaedics and OCG have quickly developed appreciation between companies and are equally excited about the benefits this synergy will bring to EMEA. As the EMEA region has a significant global presence in the orthopaedic market having such a reliable and professional partner is promising for the future.


“We are delighted to be managing the EMEA region for Field Orthopaedics. Field Orthopaedics is an innovative company with its first product offering being the Micro Screw, we are looking forward to a long partnership and further products.” says CEO of OCG, Matt Woods.


With a lot of meaningful conversations from surgeons within EMEA we are pleased to validate their support and find a regional partner that can get our innovative products to the people that need it.


“We are excited for our collaboration with OCG and we can’t wait to bring the Micro Screw system and other Field Orthopaedics innovative products to EMEA. Our Australian company and it’s founders have a longstanding relationship with the UK and now that we will have product trading in the country we can’t wait to see how it grows our company and our product offering.” says Field Orthopaedics CEO, Dr Chris Jeffery.






Dr. Chris Jeffery

CEO Field Orthopaedics


+61 401 249 783


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